The Earth of You

Earth you need itHoping all are enjoying the blossoming and blooming of this gorgeous and glorious Spring!

At this time of year it is easy to recognize the beauty of our earth and its miraculous cycles of birth, death and rebirth. It still amazes me to see areas recently grey and barren now teeming with vibrant green and a rainbow of colorful buds and flowers! As we approach Earth Day I invite you to bring your awareness to your own body which is a reflection of the earth in all the many structures and configurations which make up both.

Such as the magnetic grids of the earth which regulate and propagate energy throughout the planet and act as a framework for the Ley lines or ‘meridians’ and connect into the magnetic energy of the core of the earth. Our physioenergetic magnetic grids connect our organs and tissues allowing energy to flow bringing vitality and regulating the body systems. Acupuncture is one way to open blocked energy flow of these meridians in the body.

The electromagnetic grid of the earth between the surface and the ionosphere has a natural frequency known as Schumann resonances which emit a low frequency similar to or match the brain-wave Theta-rhythm and Beta-rhythm depending on planetary cycles. Similar to the frequency emitted by certain sound waves such as that produced by monks chanting the ‘OM’.

The earth has a Pole or Central Axis. Similarly one of the major structures of our energy field is our own Axis, shared with the Central Axis aligning us to the consensus reality of the earth at this time. Shape shifting adepts are able to rotate this structure (which in most people is rather rusty and rigid) to attune their consciousness to whatever animal, being or location they desire. Each person, object, land form, animal, mineral, country has a signature vibration and once one is capable of maneuvering their axis the entire universe can be explored. And that takes great experience, patience and practice. But, I can tell you it is incredibly thrilling, awe inspiring and deeply spiritually fulfilling and validating.

Learning how to move your stationary axes is what spiritual development is all about at either a conscious or unconscious level. Which is why I am so passionate about facilitating the progression of self-discovery, first through the human emotional levels so that you can become familiar and comfortable in the body ‘vehicle’ to then travel to places within the universe of you. (Heads up for an upcoming group to meet in person, then through Skype and/or Conference calling to learn what aspects of earth you are connected to and the various energetics that you may be adept at moving in and out of)

It is said that upon the earth there is a location corresponding to everywhere in the universe. So we must preserve and protect the breathtaking natural beauty and power of the earth and her resources so as to have the opportunity to experience and explore the incredibly wide variety of dimensions, worlds and realms linked into this amazing planet.

In the meantime, I invite you to begin to explore the earth of you and the various places within your own body that you may encounter an imbalance or discomfort and truly allow for an open and curious listening of that area to reveal what information it is holding and what it needs to transform allowing for a deeper and wider connection to your inner earth. Some wonderful Young Living Oils to assist with this are ‘Sensation’ (on all front aspects of your feeling centers or chakras) a delicious blend that can help you sense or feel more; ‘Transformation’ on the location, asking what that part of you needs in order to transform; Sandalwood on the location to open up to the hidden clues; Awaken, Gathering and Highest Potential on your soul seat (thymus), 3rd chakra and 2nd chakra respectively.


Here is a great link to hear famous movie stars speaking as aspects of the earth and what she may be feeling from or about those parts of her body. Then try a similar process by which you may hear aspects of your own body speak!

In a recent news article it was reported that { “SCIENTISTS SAY LIVING NEAR GREENERY LINKED TO LOWER MORTALITY RATES IN WOMEN”  Go hug a tree—it could be lowering your mortality rate, at least if you’re a woman. In a study published in the Environmental Health Perspectives journal, scientists analyzed questionnaires that more than 108,000 women took between 2000 and 2008 and determined that those subjects who resided in areas with the most vegetation (as determined by satellite imagery, per the New York Times) had a 34% lower rate of mortality linked to respiratory disease, and a 13% lower rate of cancer mortality, than those who lived in the most barren areas.}

Below you will find a beautiful practice by Mary O’Malley for ‘connecting, communicating, cooperating, collaborating and communing with this exquisite and exceptional being we call earth!

Happy Earth Day and the Earth of You Day!

Earth Communing Practice by Mary O’Malley 

So, at your first opportunity, take off your shoes and find some grass to wiggle your toes in. Be like a child and allow your feet to play with the Earth!


And if you want to take this further, lie down on the Earth and take a few moments to look at your world from this position. Open to the beauty of the sky above you with the eyes of a child, and watch the clouds dance. When you are ready, close your eyes and allow your imagination to move down through the Earth below you all the way out to the other side, and discover that the Earth is resting in vast oceans of space! Now extend your awareness out to the left and the right and above you and discover there too are vast oceans of space. Feel how solid the Earth is below you. Then, just as the Earth allows itself to be held by space, allow yourself to be held by the Earth as you dance through the cosmos. Melt into her embrace.


From this grounded place, open your ears and listen to the Earth. There are all sorts of sounds arising and passing away around you and within you. This is the music of Life and you are listening to it the moment it appears out of mystery. Now open your eyes again and look into space. Because the Earth is moving at 65,000 MPH around the sun, you are now looking at a different part of the universe than you did just a few minutes ago. Allow yourself to be awed by how vast and yet how supportive Life is.


If you are inclined to take this one step further, find a place to lie down on the Earth under a starry night. Again melt into the embrace of the Earth and open to the vast oceans of space you are dancing through right at this moment. If you are away from city lights, there are 10,000 stars that you can actually see above you, and if they were grains of sand, they would fit into the palm of your hand. But there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on every beach of the Earth!! Can you open to the magnitude and the grandeur of the universe you are living in? Can you allow yourself to be held by the Earth as you dance through space and recognize that you are a small but integral part of this awe-inspiring, unfolding that is Life?


I invite you to lift yourself out of your ordinary awareness and open to Life. Allow yourself to be so moved that you recognize that you are a part of a creative unfolding that is mind-boggling in its precision, its intelligence and its beauty. Understand that we are all together on this tiny blue-green jewel that is dancing through oceans of space and that we have so much more in common that we do in differences. As you move through each day, may you become increasingly aware that you and I are threads in the tapestry of sacred Oneness that weaves this world.