Fall out

Magnetosphere_renditionHope all have been enjoying this taste of Fall weather!

Well it has been quite a time energetically the past couple weeks. With all the preparation and visit of the Pope, the Lunar Eclipse, the Geomagnetic Field fluctuations and the radical swings in weather. As much as we may be aware of these occurrences, it is difficult to fathom the effects on our bodies and energy fields and therefor on our emotional and mental bodies.

“What is a magnetic field?” Electric currents in one place can induce electric currents in another place. This action at a distance is accomplished via a magnetic field. So, even though rapid magnetic-field variations are generated by currents in space, very real effects, such as unwanted electric currents induced in electric-power grids, can result down here on the Earth’s surface.( physics.org/facts/)

Remember that you are an electrical being! “Your body is a complex communication device where cells “talk”, tissues “talk,” organs “talk,” and organisms “talk.” At each of these levels, the communication includes finely tuned bio-electrical transmitters and receivers. At a cellular level, your cell membrane receptors (the brain of the cell) recognize electromagnetic fields at very low levels of exposure producing a stress response similar to that produced by exposure to heavy metals or toxic chemicals.” (articlesmercola.com)

There are resources and solutions in the earth and Nature to counteract many of the effects, yet given the complexity of our energetic structures, it is vital that we are aware of where our field is sourcing from and which aspects of our field need addressing at any given time. Just as our bodies are made up of many organs, systems and structures that may become imbalanced or thrown off by the environment, the rhythms of the earth, planetary and cosmological events, our inner emotional world and shared planetary consciousness, so too our fields are affected by these and even more factors.

It is important to incorporate energetic practices on a daily basis to bring our energy fields into balance and alignment. While I am cognizant that most of us are juggling many plates simultaneously, these practices can create more stability, or equanimity or energy flow allowing for more ease and synchronicity to move through the demands, requirements and desires of our lives. For as we move into the upcoming season we are all aware of the ‘speeding up’ of life! (See Essential Oils page)

Of course the more knowledgeable we are about our inner workings, who we are and who we are not, the more sensitive we become to our body’s and energy fields and whether the influence is from the inside or outside of us! This also leads to a greater increase in our intuitive abilities allowing for more information and discernment as to what we need and what practices to emphasize at the time creating more ‘Now’ moments! Should you care to Discover more of You and your structures, I would be honored to facilitate part of your journey (see Sessions page)

While it is not always ideal to ‘ground’ into the planet depending on your field and what is going on in the earth, I encourage you to get out in the deliciousness of Fall and allow yourself to truly tap into the rhythm of Nature and what is occurring and syncopate your rhythm with that of the cycles of nature. It is always a great time of year to do a cleanse and switch some of your food intake to what your body is calling for currently and listen to what your energy field is trying to tell you.

Remember the information does not always come in nice clear English sentences, but symbolically through television, music titles/lyrics the truck going by you or the person in line talking to someone else entirely! And of course as we become more tuned in our guides, Masters, the elements, aspects of the natural world and the weather can ‘speak’ to us.

In line with this we have a rare opportunity later this month to work with an outstanding leader in the identification, exploration, languaging and application of these complex and intricate energetics. Dr. Patricia Fields is adept at shamanic practices of moving in and out of Dimensions, Worlds and Realms at will, incorporating ancient knowledge with cutting edge brain research and quantum physics. I am honored and overjoyed that she is bringing her latest body of work to our area and will be teaching a model of earth healing and keeping that can be replicated in any region or in your own backyard to rebuild and regenerate the Land. Please do your utmost to attend. Your life will never be the same! See Patricia Fields Flyer or call me for any questions