Wild and Wooley September

Lunar Eclips - September Energetics

Lunar Eclips – September Energetics

Hoping you all enjoyed the taste of Fall temps reminding us of the constant change in Life and Nature’s cycles!

However many are feeling bowled over by the large changes called forth in their personal lives and the seeming lack of change in the world and human nature. Some Masters/Teachers are noting the huge energetics coming from inside the planet and the cosmos, fortelling of chaos and trauma in the near future. Others citing the “Blood Moon” total eclipse on the 28th as another End Of the World!


It truly does depend on where you choose to look and most of all where you place your Energy Field on a daily basis as to how hard these ‘waves of change’ will hit you. I align with Lee Carroll as he realizes “this is my fourth EOW experience and as with the other three, I will experience another EOW then go have lunch! He calls it a “BONW or Beginning of a New World” experience. I wholeheartedly agree! As we here in the East see so clearly in the coming months, things must die and fall away to renew and revive more deeply planted and to blossom more fully with the next cycle change.


The challenge being that as you transform those psycho-emotional misperceptions, mistaken beliefs and wounds of the past, allowing you more Freedom and Happiness, one can also become more sensitive to the apparent suffering of others and our planet. The key then being to be truly happy in who you are, your place in your family, community and the world and profoundly aware of your Divinity and interconnectedness with All that is stabilizing you so deeply that you can ride the waves rather be knocked over by them, as anyone who has body surfed knows Yeah, yeah easier said than done! https://healersuniverse.com/sessions/


Yet these very same powerful energetic waves can create huge opportunity for evolution in an accelerated albeit intense manner. As many clients are realizing that as you are moving forth in your unique Mastery, transformation of the past which allows for more ease and joy in your life, is not enough. Trailblazers must transmute those personal pieces to a level which creates a different and higher vibrational frequency of their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies that literally enables them to emanate and transmit their essence as they walk, move and speak in the world. Which allows for reweaving of the tapestry of ones family lineage, the relationship of man to the Land, the culture and thus humanity. As one great master said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”-  This is truly ‘Being’ that change!


In the upcoming month we have various occasions to utilize these waves for our benefit and that of our world. On Sept. 18-19 the 6th annual “10 Billion Beats” worldwide drum circle will begin at 7pm in the Midwest, circle the globe with thousands participating in every time zone until it reaches the east Coast on Sat. Sept. 19th to close and seal the ‘magic which occurs when people join in common cause with true and open hearts” (Carlisle Bergquist founder of 10 Billion Beats). Go to 10 Billion Beats Facebook page.


On Sun. Sept. 20th the Khalsa Healing Arts Center in Yardley, Pa. will host its annual Peace Picnic for a day of live music, inter-faith peace messages, peace pole dedication, vegan potluck and much more! Contact The Khalsa Healing Arts and Yoga Center  215-321- 0305


The most sacred Jewish holidays occur in the midst of these dates wherein the ‘Day of At-One-Ment’ is set aside for prayer, fasting and forgiveness of self and others- a vital ingredient to Peace within allowing for Peace without. Kryon along with several hundred Lightworkers will be in Isreal visiting the most sacred sites supporting “a peace initiate being worked on. It’s time to expect benevolent change instead of expecting doom and gloom. It’s part of being the NEW HUMAN!”


This is also an eclipse lunar cycle, with a “Partial Solar Eclipse and a Total Lunar Eclipse, which is the last of the Total Lunar Eclipse Tetrad (four consecutive total eclipses). The Total Lunar Eclipse occurs on September 28. The eclipses also surround the equinox, which occurs on September 23, an event stimulating a need to initiate change in our annual solar cycle”.  Nick Anthony Fiorenza


To take advantage of these powerful energetics and the new energy brought forth through Pope Francis’ visit to Phila., I will be hosting a “Sounding Energetic” evening Monday Sept. 28th at 7pm. All instruments, voices are welcome for the first section, syncopating our diverse rhythms and culminating in the Pineal Tones to open and align you with the higher frequencies ‘heard’ by your Pineal gland or ‘the Secret Place of the Most High’. Please see schedule page https://healersuniverse.com/schedule/


In Oct. I will be teaching ways to work with your body and energy field in the face of increased global commotion/suffering geared toward Healers, Lightworkers and Spiritual Path Seekers. Please contact http://www.wellnessworkers.org/  for full info.