Discovery process

“Within each individual exists a well of wisdom and love. There is a treasure, healing-handsdeep within, that can come to the fore only as you become aware of all those aspects that barricade this treasure.”                                                 

Pathwork lecture #107  

Discover the Universe Within 

This process is about the revelation of all aspects of Self to Self, thus developing a level of acceptance and compassion for one’s being which quite naturally and automatically overflows to others, the planet, and the universe.

This work integrates various schools of somatic psychotherapy, the Jungian model of Archetypes, Barbara Brennan Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, Science of Mind, Positive Co-creation, Gentle Teaching, Shamanic Worlds model, Spiritual Lineages, Quantum Sound, Rhythm, and Time as well as many other universal energetics so that the specific frequencies required for deep multidimensional transformation can be tailored to each client.

This Multidimensional Subtle Energy Healing modality can bring clarity and harmony to the five aspects of Self – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic, by unifying those parts of self discarded due to pain and fear from previous experiences.

Combining traditional and non-traditional counseling models, along with constant reading and mirroring back to the client their dynamic Energy Field and what it is indicating at the moment, allows for information suppressed, disguised, or distorted by the subconscious mind, to surface. Once dis-covered, the feelings that the defense system protected against so well can be gently seen and held by both client and healer as natural and true for the child, but which now impede the adult, be it in work, relationships, or daily living.

Then as it is enveloped within a quantum energetics configuration the system can re-formulate the original pattern, thus transforming the current behavior, habit, belief, perception from its destructive form to its positive creative aspect. This allows for a fuller expression of your Core Essence through your heart’s desires, a passion for Life, and a deep fulfilling connection to others, the Earth, and the Divine.

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